Bookcases, Wall Units

When it comes to Bookcases and Wall Units, we can offer a wide variety of different shapes, sizes and styles in solid wood, custom made to suit your needs. Our custom made Bookcases and Wall Units can be made from a wide range of different types of wood. The type of wood that you decide to go for, effects the look and the Price of the Bookcase or Wall Unit . After we have manufactured your Bookcase or Wall Unit , we normally treat it with oil supplied by Pro Nature (you can find out more about this product if you visit our “materials we use” page). You will need to select the tone of oil that you would prefer. If you would prefer  your Bookcase or Wall Unit to be painted, we can also do that. Below are examples of some of the Bookcases and Wall Units we have made. If you would prefer something different, please send us a photograph or a drawing.

Bookcase 1 Bookcase 2 Bookcase 3 Bookcase 4 Bookcase 5
Bookcase 6 Bookcase 7 Bookcase 8 Bookcase 9 Bookcase 10
Bookcase 11 Bookcase 12 Bookcase 13 Bookcase 14 Bookcase 15
Bookcase 16 Bookcase 17 Bookcase 18 Wallunit Shelves
Bookcase 21 Bookcase 22 Bookcase 23 Shelves Bookcase 25
Bookcase 26 Bookcase 27 Wallunit Shelves Wallunit
Bookcase 31 Bookcase 32 Bookcase 30 shelves Bookshelves