Dining Room Tables

When it comes to dining room tables, we can offer a wide variety of different shapes, sizes and styles in solid wood, custom made to suit your needs. These include Round Tables. Our custom made tables can be made from a wide range of different types of wood. The type of wood that you decide to go for, effects the look and the price of the table. We make tables that can be kept inside or outside. Only specific wood can be used for tables that are kept outside, whereas that wood and a wide variety of other wood can be used on interior tables. Our tables that we make to order have a variety of different thickness of tops, as well as a wide range of different types of legs or bases that we can use. Remember to inform us what you would prefer, when you place an order. After we have manufactured your solid wood table, we normally treat it with oil supplied by Pro Nature (you can find out more about this product if you visit our "materials we use" page). You will need to select the tone of oil that you would prefer. If you would prefer your table to be painted, we can also do that. Below are examples of some of the Dining Tables we have made.
  Noordhoek House   NDining Room Table   Solid Oak Pedestal Base Table   Solid Oak Table with turned legs   Oak Table and Bench   La Parada
  La Parada   Oak Table and Bench   Oak Table and Bench   La Parada   Oak Table and Bench   La Parada
  Solid Oak Refractory Table   Solid Oak Table with Tapered Legs   Table 3   Table 4   Table 5   Table 32
  Table 6   Table 7   Table 9   Counter Top   Table 10   Table 33
  Table 11   African Rosewood Slab Table   African Mahogany Boardroom Table   Table 14   Table 15   Table 34
  Table 16   Table 17   Table 18   Table 19   Table 20   Oregon Pine Pedestal Base Table
  Rustic Oregon Pine Table (3600mm Oregon Pine Outside Table)   Kiaat Table & Chairs   Solid French Ash Table   Soid Oak Table & Chairs   Table 25   Table 37
  Table 26   Table 27   Table 28   Table 29   Table 30   Table 36
  Table 31   Table 38   Table 39   Table 40   Table 41   Table 42
  Table 43   Table 44   Table 45   Table 46   Table 47   Table 48
  Table 49   Table 50   Table 51   Table 52   Table 53   Table 54
  Table 55   Table 56   Table 57   Table 58   Table 59   Table 60
  Table 61   Table 62   Table 63   Table 64   Table 65   Table 66
  Table 67   Table 68   Table 69   Table 70   Table 71   Table 72
  Table 73   Table 74   Table 75   Table 76   Table 77   Table 78
  Table 79   Table 80   Round Table   Table 82   Table 83   Table 84
  Table 85   Table 86   Table 87   Table 88   Round Table   Round Table
  Round Table   Table 90   Table 92   Table 93   Table 91   Table 92
  Table 93   Table 94   Round Table   Table 95   Table 96   Table 97
  Table 98   Table 99   Table 100   Table 101   Table 102   Table 103
  Table 104   Table 105   Table 106   Table 107   Table 108   Table 109